AdrianHats, to break out of the monotony with a twist of simplicity! Crafted, made in Italy and chic enough. The hats designed and created by Veronica Adriani's talent have fascinated Rome (and not only!). Protagonist along with other emerging realities of the second edition of Showcase, a project promoted by Altaroma in collaboration with ICE Agency, which aims to connect brands, buyers and presses, AdrianHats was amazed by quality and fascinated by elegance.
After traveling as a photographer between South America, Asia and the United States and after studying cinematography in Rome, Veronica Adriani rediscovers in her traditions what she wants to be and do. In 2015, in fact, she took back the family of hats from her grandfather Ugo Adriani, founded in the '60s: inspired by her iconic model, she re-launched it with a new name and a new brand, AdrianHats.
Creative & spontaneous.Glamorous & ironic.Break out of the daily monotony with a twist .... and simplicity!
Designed both for her and for him, these wonderful hats respond to a contemporary taste, urban chic. Beyond the seasons, beyond time: Veronica Adriani's creations challenge fashion and trends by mixing vintage, trend, elegance and everyday life.
A simple but decisive and original touch. In perfect Italian style, AdrianHats are the result of impeccable workmanship: raffia, linen, straw for the summer collection, wool and rabbit for winter. The structures are clean, combined with various and different looks but above all wearable, a feature that Veronica Adriani really cares about. Its hats can be fastened to the head or tied to the neck with printed scarves, thus favoring comfort as well as impeccable aesthetics.
Funny, diva, more masculine or pierced ... Veronica Adriani, chapeau! For info