Federico Cina: the young designer from Cesena who has been talking a lot for a while ... and well! Already an honorable mention at the Polimoda Fashion Show, a renowned Florentine institution where he graduated, winner of many awards such as the Fashion Clash Festival and protagonist of important catwalks including Moda Lisboa and Lituan Fashion Week, Federico Cina launches its namesake brand in 2016.The volumes over, the innovative cuts and the reinterpreted must have been mentioned on the pages of the most famous magazines in the sector. His creations reflect a contemporary everyday life, that every day seen from a different perspective, from an absolutely unique style, the style of Federico Cina.Experiences, cultures, habits ... everything for him is a source of interest, inspiration, a possible and future fashion. Observe others, what they wear, what they have and carry inside, expressing it between shapes and fabrics that involve the body. Behind every piece there is a story, a message to be transmitted and worn: the tones and creations of Federico Cina are in fact a protest and a revolution of concepts as well as trends, with which the designer challenges convictions and constraints.
I forced myself into a suffocating country, as if wearing a tight, irritating t-shirt. Isolated in a sea of human beings. What was bothering me was precisely the forced perfection, the effort not to annoy me that bothered me, like one leather pants, very close, which prevent me from walking naturally, forcing me into robotic, sweaty and tiring steps.
After the success of the collection "how to life comes to the world", where we represent a family that goes beyond the most common stereotypes, Federico Cina returns to amaze with the FW 2018-19: overcoats that protect with dreams and feelings from the outside world , tailored jackets and trench coats that combine with sporty trousers; the bomber jackets are maxi like the sleeves.Between the tones of childhood and the quality of typical "classic tailoring" fabrics, the outfits live with contrasts, of children who feel wrapped up in the heads of the "bigger", of words and above all thoughts that are not written but ... sewn . Yes, Federico Cina is really a designer to keep an eye on.