Marco Rambaldi, when the opposites are attracted. Generations of contrasting style, the world of the 70's Italian bourgeoisie and the transversality of the new are synthesized in high-resonant creative voices. Made in Italy is the input, the push to go beyond the established quality, re-reading the ideational process in a totally contemporary key.Born in Bologna in 1990, Marco Rambaldi studied graphic design and then he graduated in Fashion Design at IUAV in Venice. After the debut in 2014 during the Milano Fashion Week, the Next Generation, contest's win, he worked for about two years in the Dolce & Gabbana style women's office, an essential professional experience for him. Divided between Milano and Bologna, Marco Rambaldi is constantly inspired by his hometown, culture, society and history. But above all, what was left yesterday, from what has remained and from which he wants to start again.Create from scratch? No, but rather shuffle the pieces, the fabrics, the colors of another age according to innovative aesthetic codes. Emblematic clothes of a women's wardrobe that runs through the years, periods, shapes now broken and regenerated in modern overlays. The careful search of textures, attention to details and the study of the nuances originate unpublished collections, where traditions are respected but only in the memories and the avant - garde gives that march that distinguishes Marco Rambaldi as an emerging brand to keep eye on. Among the finalists of the latest edition of Who Is On Next?2017, Marco Rambaldi is the measure, the ability to draw unconventional yet elegant, daily but sophisticated femininity.In him clothes the reaction, the strength of tomorrow, the dynamism in moving between different lengths, between the classicity of the knitwear up to the hypermodernity of the technical materials. The rigor is mixed with the carefree, the desire to be ironic, though impeccable.Unique. In perfect style, Marco Rambaldi. For info