Aelle, a game of letters or rather of initial letters. Those of Alex and Ludovica, the two founders of the accessories brand Aelle. In a mix of profession, experience and passion, Alex and Ludovica have given life to their dream, making it come true. A 100% made in Italy brand, as friend of style as it is of the environment.

He in the world of fashion and denim, passionate from an early age, she is creative and traveler with experience in design. A strong duo, Alex and Ludovica, who find their balance in their union.

pochette aelle in denim
porta cellulare aelle in denim

Characterized by a minimal design and the use of denim, Aelle accessories are distinguished by a research that is attentive to the supply chain, sustainability and details. Each piece is made entirely in Italy. Italian denims and completely handmade treatments give the accessory a full uniqueness.

With an eye to the environment, Aelle chooses fabrics produced without the use of chemicals. The textures are processed manually and with green processes. From dyes, which allow a considerable saving of water compared to traditional ones, to washes, to fixings, everything is made with a sustainable approach and in small artisan businesses.

From the clutch bag to the micro bags to the phone holder, Aelle creations are born from a project capable of including an evergreen fashion but attentive to style. Must to use regardless of the moment, trends and seasons. But not only that: even the genres and occasions of use are overcome, thanks to an aesthetic that goes beyond, which finds the highest form of versatility in uniqueness.

mini bag aelle in denim
pochette aelle in denim

A brand that is based on ideas, tangible values between materials, processes and products.

Cut, packaged and assembled by hand, Aelle accessories make every look exclusive. Without many frills, with a contemporary and refined style. Starting with its "denim canvas". What are you waiting for? Discover Aelle and its sustainable fashion: add a touch of denim and style to your next outfits!