With Aerogram it opens another page of excellence of Made in Italy, another project of those who believe in the professionalism of our craftsmen. The idea of Aerogram is simple: create natural leather accessories for travel and everyday life and dedicated to an audience of creative professionals and travelers. A project that believes in the strength of the Made in Italy and in the most absolute transparency: in Aerogram site it is possible to know the stories of the artisans who make the products and what materials are used. Absolute opening therefore towards the 2.0 generation composed of more and more careful people to what they buy and to the production cycle. And there's more: the portal has also peculiarities in the sale. The accessories are offered at launch for a few weeks in a "count down", after which they are produced and shipped. Nothing warehouse surpluses nor mass production, each item is treated as commissioned bespoke.

The site started with a slim wallet Tuscan vegetable tanned leather, El Flaco, for those who want to have with them the essentials without the bulk of traditional models thanks to a thickness of only half a centimeter. Along with Flaco here is also the funny and practical cable winder Tandem. The double lock up twin opens and closes in the blink of an eye and is designed for earphone cords to separate and prevent them from tangling, as often it happens. It 's a useful and enjoyable to use every day. The idea of Aerogram is born primarily from the passion for the leather: natural, soft and that tells the story of those who use it. For this reason is used only vegetable tanned leather from the district of Santa Croce and Ponte a Egola in Tuscany. And an extraordinary leather that lasts over time and becomes more beautiful every day. The tanning uses only vegetable tannins such as mimosa and the bark of Quebracho trees and chestnut according to the method born in Florence in the Renaissance. The absence of chemicals, metals and chromium makes it an eco-friendly material, fully recyclable and biodegradable. So the good news in this project there are: excellent product and biodegradable, a new portal that enhances the Made in Italy, an innovative idea ... We are confident that it will be a successful project. Check it out, www.aerogram.it, then let us know!