Federica Tosi is the underground aesthetic made luxurious refined details. Eclectic garments with a minimalist style interpreted emphasizing femininity. A new vision of the Made in Italy that combines excellent craftsmanship, quality materials, contemporary design.

Federica Tosi is the brand of the homonymous designer born as a natural evolution of Luxury Fashion, luxury jewelry brand created in 2007. Following an agreement in 2013 with DG Group Srl, a company known for producing, for the creation of a capsule collection of clothing in 2013, Federica Tosi explores deeper into her creativity. The creativity is revealed exciting enough to make the designers decide to launch, in 2016, the eponymous brand of clothing.

Overlapping fabrics define the whole collection: natural fabrics alternate with precious leathers, protagonists in the outerwear. Maxi vest and leather coats and sheepskin silk profiles show the attention to detail and luxury attitude of the brand.

Dry lines and rigorous cuts are declined in a color palette focuses on black and charcoal with red accents that make sensual and sophisticated style. Federica Tosi presents an innovative collection that does not go unnoticed, designed for a cosmopolitan woman attentive to the versatility that like to enjoy a cool look.

For info http://www.federicatosi.it/