Alcoolique is a patchwork of harmonious contrasts that enhance the character of every woman illuminating the spirit. A melting pot of ideas, cultures, colors and fabrics that captivates the mind. An energetic explosion of style and experimentation built with boundless passion in the choice of precious fabrics and indomitable dedication in the meticulousness of tailoring.

Alcoolique is a brand launched in 2011 by the initiative of the young fashion designer Rocco Adriano Galluccio , born in Caserta. After studying Industrial Design for Fashion at the University of Aversa, Adriano Rocco Galluccio he moved to Milan where he started working for major Italian and international brands. At some point, the young designer feels the need to live new experiences, he decides to move to Bali, Indonesia, where he absorbs cultures and traditions, which will prove then in his creations in the form of bold color combinations and enveloping atmosphere . Upon returning to Italy Galluccio decided to give life to its brand, Alcoolique, and thus began his rise in the fashion world by participating, also, the first edition of Project Runway Italy, where he stands for determination and stylistic consistency.

For spring - summer 2015 Alcoolique presents a collection of high-impact, fresh and carefree that joins slits and very short dresses, long dresses and trousers, garments that can be combined to create a unique and personal style. A maze of colors, including luminescence and graphic elements, tempered by soft volumes, caress the body of women making sensual, sophisticated yet very elegant. A style evolving, contaminated by a spirited creativity and indomitable propulsion towards experimentation.

A very contemporary style that arises, however, the best traditional Neapolitan tailoring. The Neapolitan origin of Adriano Rocco Galluccio are the basis on which it is built in a modern elegance that has its roots in the 50s, including commingling of art, fashion and culture, achievements tailoring and fabrics Italian fashion history , constantly evolving and changing, it keeps faithful to the values that have made a made in Italy 'excellence recognized worldwide. Last March Alcoolique presented his collection Fall-Winter 2015/2016 at Vancouver Fashion Week drawing attention of a diverse audience and gaining acclaim, absolutely deserved! For info