"How would the past if the future was started first?" One Off Jewels are the answer to this question, a journey into the world retrofuturistic, emotional mechanisms mysterious and fascinating inspired philosophy Steampunk, made with original components of the Victorian era through sophisticated and accurate traditional methods.

One Off Emotional Hardware is a brand launched in 2013 by Elena and Paola, two women enterprising driven by a common passion have created a line of jewelry incredibly innovative and intriguing. Unique pieces made with ancient mechanisms of clocks, coins, necklaces era nineteenth century, small watermarks in precious metals, rosaries machined and assembled with a craftsmanship that enhances the artistic value and the high symbolic content.

Jewelry inspired by the Victorian era with sentimental subjects taken from the iconography neoclassical, hearts, medals, knots, which are mixed with styles of the time, mechanisms of authentic watches of '800, pearls, jet, coins transcending the purely aesthetic for trespassing in the symbolism of the passage of time, the mechanisms of love, of the small particles that make up the unit. One Off Emotional Hardware is a universe to be explored, of great beauty, for women from the spirit eccentric and sophisticated. For info http://www.oneoffmilano.com/