Aletheia Milano: unveiling. This is the hidden meaning in the Greek word chosen as the name of a brand message that leaves traces. In the beauty of Aletheia Milano shoes all the strength and energy of a young designer, Diana Carolina Yanes, but already so strong in mixing materials and shapes, create visions to be admired at the tip of ... feet!

Fashion designer of luxury shoes, behind a training Marangoni Institute in Milan, Diana Carolina Yanes includes in curriculum respected names like Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Wang, The HUB, Beauvillon. The love for shoes does not merely serve as a final product but also as a creative process, it is perceived in the constancy and search for the new, in exclusivity the whole craft.

Detail, accessory able to tell the nuances of our being. The trips, the stories that come to life and out of her are the theme of Aletheia Milano collections, as in Spring - Summer 2017 where London's inspired to interpret a shoe away from the hustle and bustle of fast trends, consistent with its own recognizable personality. Tactile, here is the word that best describes a brand that also in its logo uses the Braille language, the language of the blind, so that the sense of manual to become the protagonist.

Mix of fine leathers, absolutely clean lines joust between a female in her ruffles but strong in the zip for a fashion open to experimentation. The soft colors of the sabot, loafers and ankle boots contrast and fit together with geometric and eccentric heels. For an eclectic woman, but with character. Sure of herself and her many facets. Yes different, but linked by single wire. Style. The Aletheia Milano style. For info

Giulia Fucile