Luca Airoldi Handmade: between the fine yarns plots, unique insight. The knitwear returns to shine a fascinating new light, now star of a brand able to grasp different nuances, courageous in defying the classic concept of season, surpassing.

Individuality becomes the style bet by Luca Airoldi, engaged for fifteen years in the financial sector, and then completely immersed in designing a traditional knitwear brand as advanced, state of the art as craft. Like a real couturier he takes care of the creative process in every single part, highlighting the beauty of the Made in Italy, exalting the talent of knowing how to do well. In the drawers of the tradition he finds those techniques left out for too long, bringing them back into vogue and applying them to yarns carefully selected, personally executed drawings, prototypes handcrafted products.

The clean shapes combine with a matter which is not in need of many preambles, already clear and recognizable in its simple state of being relevant. The talent of Luca Airoldi is here involved in a game of plots and stories, in a product of excellent quality, sensory enveloping. The last Boccadasse capsule celebrates the calm and the color of a landscape so evocative as to be imprinted into pieces of very refined: the movement of the sea is reproduced in particular zig zag effect, the light and the typical nuances of Liguria are found in the tones, the mesh processing refers to the world of fishermen. In an idyll to live, wear. For info

Giulia Fucile