Ironic and original bags those of Alik, inspired by boxes for cakes and influenced by Nordic - Swedish design. Alik is a young brand of leather accessories characterized by refined and minimalist lines design and soft and delicate colors. Leather of high quality, artisan craftsmanship, brass details with galvanic gold, pins at the base, closures personalized make each creation unique, small excellence of contemporary Made in Italy .

Alik is a brand created in Milan in 2014 by designer Alessandra Congiu. Eclectic and visionary, after studying Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Monza, Alessandra Congiu has followed the course of painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and she has specialized in Fashion Design at the Politecnico di Milano. After some work experience in different fields of art, she started working in the fashion industry at the office style of the fashion house Krizia spa and later at the Atelier Fix Design discovering her passion for accessories. Alessandra Congiu decides so, to launch her own brand of bags Alik, a blend of luxury and innovation.

The Pack Bag collection by Alik consists of versatile pieces and incredibly original. Blåbär is a leather bag with adjustable shoulder strap and detachable, Kart is backpack rigid leather, brass details with galvanic gold, Sotsak is the handbag from the shape extravagant, Appelpaj is mini satchel leather, with adjustable shoulder strap and removable. All bags are handmade without the use of industrial machines, made by skilled artisans and rich in precious detail. Alik, in a fun and ironic, offers luxury contemporary design creations that stand out immediately as a must-have.

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