KikiJewels is a new vision of the jewelry worn by following a style unusual and innovative. Exclusive jewelry, daring and contemporary become an expression of our personality. KikiJewels combines refinement, personal sensitivity, precision executive making it one of the most charismatic emerging brands of jewelry made in Italy.

Creator of the brand KikiJewels is Virginija Vaiciulyte, of Lithuanian origin, who after studying she decided to move to Italy to pursue his passion. After several experiences in the fashion industry Virginija Vaiciulyte decided in 2013 to devote herself to her project by launching the first line of jewelry KikiJewels. Collections in limited series, entirely made in Italy by skilled artisans, using only high quality materials: hard stones, Swarovski crystals, brass, leather. In 2015 the line KikiJewels has been extended with B.Kiki: cuffs, brooches, hair clips characterized by hand embroidered butterflies, colorful creations, precious and original.

With the Hysteria collection, presented for the spring / summer 2016, KikiJewels somehow revolutionized the design of jewels enriching it with new ideas. The collection Hysteria, where hysteria is to be understood not as a legacy of an era obscurantist, but as a symbol of a new awareness, is inspired by a woman away from the stereotypes, conscious and free free from every constraint. KikiJewel proposes, thus, necklaces, bracelets but also novelties like jewelry for your legs and your back linked by a common thread represented elegance seductive and captivating. To purchase the wonderful creations by KikiJewels you can visit LUISAVIAROMA.COM

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