Its name is a mix between a precious stone, amethyst, and a beautiful flower, the orchid. The Amethyst Orchid defied bad luck and took possession of collections and accessories, giving them a charm of their own. A vibrant and elegant shade that when combined well can really add a touch of class to our looks. But not only…

The amethyst carries with it a romantic legend: it is said that the god Bacchus fell in love with Amethyst, a young woman who, however, did not have the same feeling for him. To escape the anger of Bacchus, furious because he was not loved by her, Amethyst asked the goddess Diana to be transformed into crystal. Bacchus, repentant and aware of having lost his beloved forever, threw his best wine on the crystal, thus giving the stone the famous color we know today. 

A fascinating myth that makes this color even more precious, which is now joining the femininity of the orchid flower. The Amethyst Orchid gives strength, personality but also brightness to our outfits. Intense and exclusive, it is perfect combined in the total look, for those who want to dare a little, but also combined with different colors, especially when chosen for bags, jewelry or accessories.

A feminine nuance that is beautiful in combo with white and natural colors such as cream, ecru, beige: you can combine light maxi dresses or suits in this delicate colors with bags or accessories in Amethyst Orchid creating a beautiful game of contrasts. Do you love colors? Then try one of the must combinations that sees this shade of purple mixed with lime: a decisive combo, a charge of style, color and energy. Add a touch of Amethyst Orchid to your wardrobe: find the right garment or accessory for you among our selection!