Anca Stetco, the perfect combination of a glamorous, sophisticated style and luxury of unique footwear, masterfully handcrafted. The Made in Italy is revealed in the innovative design of the young brand Anca Stetco. Luxury and portability, crafts and contemporary: complements and not the antithesis of the same puzzle! Perfect all day long, and not only, looking for aesthetics, luxurious in quality, Anca Stetco shoes are real sculptures to wear!

The creative mind of this project, inspired by good taste, is precisely Anca Stetco who moves the first steps in fashion, working internationally as a model, but realizing with time that the way to go for her was another. And with her shoes she changes the way, she comes back in the game. Strong with the experience gained over the years, where the trends dressed and did not draw her, she decides to follow her passion for fashion design, creating in 2016 an explosive brand: Anca Stetco.

Contemporaneity and tradition combine Italian footwear with leather and exquisite workmanships, exotic in recalls and original materials. Produced on the Riviera del Brenta, they hide in their footsteps the secrets and crafts of renowned laboratories, ambassadors of an impeccable Made in Italy. Trend over the trend. Anca Stetco shoes know how to be fashionable, beyond fashion.

In keeping with the latest trends, but always in line with knowing how to do well, the Anca Stetco collection goes up and down, like the cutting-edge woman who wears it. Zoe or Ingrid? High or low mules? To you the choice! Ultraflat sandal or not, Anca Stetco chooses black python ... and she is not mistaken! And then for the most romantic there is Nina, candy or off white high stiletto heel, or Anya the color block boot, in sweet blue - white or pink - white. Class hit? The plexiglass heel! Which one to choose? It can not be wrong. Anca Stetco. You can buy Anca Stetco HERE. For info