“ Creativity Contest – The Posing Jewel ”. After the great success of the first edition, Creativity Oggetti, back to launch the international biennial competition reserved for jewelers designers and professional artists. From May 13 to June 30 you will be able to visit the exhibition " Creativity Contest - The Posing Jewel " at Creativity Oggetti Via Carlo Alberto 40 / f Turin.

Concept chosen? The ring as a sculpture object, as a decorative element and not simple jewelery. Inspiration for creators so distant but at the same time close and united in the irreversible vortex of the experimentation and avant-garde of a showcase such as the one set up by Creativity Oggetti. Rafael Luis Alvarez (Argentina), Nikolai Balabin (Russia – Finland), Angela Ciobanu (Romania), Nicolas Estrada (Colombia), Anna Kròl (Poland), Laura Forte (Italy), Marco Malasomma (Italy), Renata Manganelli (Italy), Lital Mendel (Israel), Liliya Milpetrova (Bulgaria-England), Mabel Pena (Argentina), Stenia Scarselli (Italy), Nicole Schuster (Germany): these 13 selected names, the 13 minds of a contemporary preciousness that find in jewel a different but almost unique form of art, captured in photographs by famous photographer Federica Cioccoloni.

In fact, she will be able to make the photo service in still life of an entire collection, for the winner of the competition, and to interpret with her snapshots and her most personal language the 13 exposed rings, immersed in an evocative contrasting floral/vegetable setting.

Not just an exhibition, not just a contest but a key to accessing an absolutely innovative jewelery view. Looking for the last word, or rather the last ring: “ Creativity Contest – The Posing Jewel ”. For info www.creativityoggetti.it