Andrea Insua: the world in a bag. Territories, distant landscapes merge into details and materials full of historical knowledge. The culture is interwoven with craftsmanship, with top picks materials, daughters of a continuos and relentless search. The distants are reduced, new paths are traced.

Italo-Guatemalan, just like their creator, the Andrea Insua bags contain the best of Made in Italy and the excellente of civilization of the Maya. Creator of young namesake brand, Andrea Insua arrived in Italy in 2006 where she studied Interior Design and Gardens. Her training continues at La Sapienza University in Rome, majoring in Industrial Design and then specializing in Communication and Fashion with a master's degree at the Academy of Costume and Fashion. But will the course in prototyping of bags to mark the turning point in her life, opening the way towards her deepest artistry.

The characteristic that has moved the brand into a unique direction was the insight to give life to objects inspired by her contaminated influences, interesting. Mirror of her native and acquired culture, each bags lives of two souls, one Italian and one Guatemalan. The vegetable tanned leather, typical of Made in Italy, leader in this sector, is an essential element by Andrea Insua bags. The organic tanning supports so the products, giving it a real life: the fact leather suit, changing, not remaining ever true to itself and thus becoming unique and inimitable. Precious Italian leathers join the beauty of Guatemalan fabric and all the adjoining textile heritage.

Indigenous weavers, heirs to a consolidated heritage to be protected, to weave ornaments and inserts, distinguishing sign of brand. Environmentally conscious, the cotton threads of a different textures are processed in their natural color or dyed with eco-friendly extracts. In Aguacatàn collection, the skin and its geometries have a different luxury, far from Classicism, in fact inspired by the Mayan cerimonial belts Aguacatàn community, associated with the snake, the protector and the forest warden. In bright colors and the fasciniting contrasts, their wealth. And the bamboo handle is the evocation of a memory. In Agula Bicefala line, in the name of two-headed eagle, the symbol of sun and gods, is distinguished by the fringes and their substantial lenght. Clutch bag, shopper, handbag: from the smallest detail to the large format, the fringe here becomes inevitable. From the seed of the past, to the fruit of the future. Andrea Insua. For info

Giulia Fucile