Mario Costantino Triolo: couture vision, future vision. Ancient decorations inhabit tissues, elaborate architectures where the past fades into contemporary interpretations, avant-garde. The essence is matter. Absolute.

Born in Calabria in 1981, Mario Costantino Triolo links its concept of fashion to something unique. The traditions, the experience of dressmaker grandmother and embroidery techniques learned in his land are heritage to be protected, to bring to light, modelling them on new contexts. From Calabria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardia: he never left by his talent. The research of fabrics and sartorial craftsmanship result in a haute couture line with sumptuous volumes, exciting. Dresses as cocoons, cloaks, where invisibility magic leaves the space to the power of beauty.

But not only. Mario is this and much more. His creativity now is unleashed in all his being in The Mechanical Queen: the early embryonic capsule becomes full hour collection, aimed at an all-encompassing project. The goal is to spread and infuse, contaminating the everyday, in every form, everywhere. Home, design, clothing, all marked with a single brand, a single face. To one that the crown had it seriously, Elisabeth First Queen of England. Recently presented in latest edition of White in Milan, The Mechanical Machine rewrites revisited history with needle, thread and modernity.

With a long time span, the pieces draw inspiration from difference, distant but so harmonic in his composition. The historicity of the sixteenth century until the explosiveness of the fifties shapes are mixed and unstructured, become other, always maintaining high attention to the meticulous interiore. The precious embroideries meet mechanical applications, futurist, which link many ideations. The bodice leaves the sixteenth century fashion in favour of a new look, an innovative shirt. The typical “panier” of Versailles lady alights now on structured jackets and versatile accessories, where the creative genius borders on innovation. Tails become inserts for blouses, perimeters for outerwear; the maxi length leave unmistakable allure trails. And then all the pop, the 50’s are unlashed and the irony of the print get hold of original t-shirts. Viva the Queen. Viva Mario Costantino Triolo! Per info

Giulia Fucile