Scarletvirgo: idea, research, realization. Extravagant fantasies and curious prints become patterns of transformable bags. Same accessory, different look. Perfect to meet your need.

Federico e Celine defy the crisis, create and transpose their creativity in a young and successful brand. Officially born in 2011 in Milan, Scarletvirgo is the result of a union made of substance, inventive. After he is specialized in motion design and she has studied photography, they have approached to fashion with a design method. Between the lines, or rather between the Scarletvirgo bags reads the strong focus on environment and its respect.

The ecoleather is mixed with cotton and fabrics made in Italy, combining shapes up with the times, where the focus on materials is evident. Multitasking is the real goal of individual products. The ever more demanding requirements, suitable and innovative answers. Each pieces is marked with excellent details, from waterproof to some reflector elements, from planning studied of the space to practical inserts, also with the purpose of anti-snatch.

The initial floral and nature – inspired prints in the FW 2016-17 collection flinch in favour of pied – de – poule wool, checked, herringbone fabrics. Not just black and white but also color, expressed especially in small Pedro pocket vice, tabac box minute but super organized. Nina clutch bag…and much more. Completely upholstered and fitted with detachable handle, it can be a cosmetic bag but also a bag for tablet. Comfortable and roomy Lalie, apparent bucket bag, with expandable side insertions closed by invisible magnets, which has hidden personality: it can become shoulder bag and backpack.

The urban style finds its greatest extent in the Tricky bag, changeable as the continuous metropolitan need for highly qualitative style as it is comfortable. Shoulder bag and backpack. Cared tricks, quick steps. Handbag working in progress. And then the world of the street, the backpack. From Trunk, with transpiring backrest, padded handles and capacities suited to the futuristic high-tech, B&M with the original clap fastening, even has a secret pocket, until to the super-equipped design Advance. Against all static…Scarletvirgo! For info

Giulia Fucile