NC POP: and in the head…a song! Study, research and experimentation: these are the stylistics elements of a real factory, the NC GLAM, laboratory of ideas and source of original productions, where art plays all his cards. Not only fashion, but also love, music and passion.

They are Claudio Gregorio, know as Greg, and his wife Nicoletta Fattibene to give life to this new form of creativity, not simple element but project. Zero filters, zero compromises : pure creativity. Each conception NC POP is the result of imaginary, sounds, sensations in which you can remember, find himself. Distant cultural worlds intertwine creating new harmonies; past trends become inspiration for the future. Is the Swinging London the inspiration of their contemporary collection of hats, where among nylon, tulle, felt and trimmings pass in the background notes, song arrangements. Each hat has indeed a Qrcode, secure code in a card delivered with the product and through which, on your smartphone, you can download a music playlist created for your hat. The songs will soundtrack each moment of the day with the mood of the hat and of the syle you are wearing .“Dress up your music!”do!

The irony envelops the creations, transposing into a playful world where the class goes hand to hand with a smile. Charlie, BeatPop, SandyBeat: models from the chosen names, accomplices of a total project. The geometries of the yellow and the typical shapes of the sixties vintage are alternated with pink, white, black clouds of tulle in a jaunty beret, also perfect on wedding day. The turbans enjoy playing hide and seek, peeking from hats with the double structure, they are male in the contours but sweet in feminine softness of the fabrics of the typical Eastern headdress. And then NC POP: hats off!!!

Don't wait any longer, dicover the NC POP creations.

Giulia Fucile