TAK.ORI: transported to Russia to Italy, bizarrely coloured clothing originally sewn for friends and family, eventually became curated creations of a very exclusive brand.

The Russian designer, Lana Takori , moved to Italy to study at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, and worked to hone her craft to be the best. Later, she found work as a distributor for major luxury brands such as Vionnet, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Moncler, focusing on the market in Easter Europe and Russia. But her irrepressible creativity foresaw an inevitable evolution.

After fifteen years in the distribution of luxury, she made the grand leap into the unknow, became her own boss and personal brand, TAK.ORI. It is through the mesh and woven fabrics that hides the true essence of the brand, the real mirror of confident identity of the designer. Contaminations, influences and winds blowing from the East, living in the tangle of thread and colours, designed for a femininity over the top, out of the box. Emerging but already recognizable, with a clear objective: take the oneness road, beyond the confines of a well-know fashion.

Nickname in her teen “the extravagant” for the unusual use, in a Russia without the colour, eccentric tones and avant-garde forms, Lana Takori initially dedicated to the production of hats and scarves, then embedding them in a full knitwear line, craft and Made in Italy. Finalist of the contest Who Is On Next? 2014, TAK.ORI presents in latest collection FW 2016-17 volumes drawn from the classics of the past but now with a contemporary twist.

The artistic and Oriental inspiration remain constant for a very special Made in Italy, where traditional crafts are mixed to a folk spirit. The plot and knit stitch, the fringes and the sophisticated handmade character are the result of judicious proceedings, far from obviously banalities. A nostalgic touch involves the whole project of knit signed TAK.ORI, with elements of distant tribe or more romantic designs from the vintage aftertaste, perhaps stolen by the ancient precious closets of grandmothers. For info http://www.tak-ori.com/

Giulia Fucile