Le Dudù: fashion just a clip. Irony, colour, personality. Playful pompoms, delicious kawaii shapes, small but determined to style test shots. In detail, the difference. This is the spirit, the creativity hidden in the cured handmade workings signed Le Dudù, meticulous masterpieces shoe, entirely Made in Italy, sons of the enterprising Enrica Simonazzi.

Tenacious and strong of her project, Enrica Simonazzi creates in Rome a personal brand, freedom ransom. Creativity freedom. Functional and efficient, easy and fast. No potions or magic wands but unique pieces than can change and change again a shoe, dress and undress its new identities. A click and go…a new look is made. How and when you like. Moody and curious as we are. Uncontrollable as the imagination. For all tastes and all shoes.

With romantic glitter hearts, the most sophisticated petals in tulle; from the soul of rock zip clips to jaunty-proof lips kiss. Soft like furry pompoms fox, artists such as pearl-green buttons in bohemian style. Inevitable even in the wedding day, with a special ceremonies collection by bright crystals, delicate rose chiffon or more whimsical pompoms in marabou. Not a simply accessory but an antidote to repetitive approvals, imagination best friends. Chests, treasures of sensations, emotions and ways of being.

And from shoes to handbags, so delicious charms become inevitable details. Studied materials come together in refined mix, the glitter is added to the resin to an innovative result, interesting, that take the shape in the keys, crowns. The marabou becomes pendent in artisan playful hanging from the bag, which can be customized in bright pop colours and the variable length of the strip of leather. Many possibilities, one inspiration. Ourselves. Differing in style, differing with…Le Dudù. For info ledudu.it

Giulia Fucile