Marco Laganà: determined, creatively exploisive emerging brand, where contrast blend into new definitions. And the classification leave the time they find remaing faithful to only one constance: the love for shoes. Too many years have passed since, between a game and another, Marco Laganà’s eyes always fell there on his mother. And certainly not by chance. His attention was captured by the upper sewn by his mother. From embryonic inspiration to constructive idea.

After graduating in Fashion Design at Politecnico di Milano, where he presented a project of footwear with Fratelli Rossetti, Marco Laganà moved to Paris working here as a creative consultant and product designer for the brand Camille Tanoh. Besides, in the French capital, he worked also for online content of the fashion house Pierre Hardy. When he returned in Italy, the strong passion for the Made in Italy and her great desire to do it, led him to conceive his creature, in aesthetics and character. So, in 2015 was born Marco Laganà, shoe brand with a strong impact not only inventive but also communicative.

Finalist of Who Is On Next? Man 2015, scouting project promoted by Pitti Immagine, AltaRoma, and Vogue, after considerable high productions creative content, back to talk to him with the new collection FW 2016-17 R..U.G.A. Acronym, hiding a deeper meanings: Rough Unique Grand-Parent’s Art. The wrinkle and its holders are the theme around which the shoes take shape. The story of our grandparents is a cultural heritage to be safeguarded. Those rivers of rich words of pathos now apparently faded but still fresh in their minds, in their eyes make us understand the importance of their example.

To capture, racing against time and its fugacity. The wrinkle is figuratively told in textured leather alternating with the velvet softness, sweet and protective as their homes. Loafers and lace-ups continue to be noticed, appreciated in particular colored fringes, poster careful attention to detail, tailoring but simple. Sneakers clean and linear taste emerge into new visual codes: the lack of passer of shoe lace and the decomposed laced in a double slot, in addition to the particular volume that is constructed between the bead and the neck of foot, replacing the more obvious total lap around the ankle, create vanguard footsteps. The insert tear on velvet sneakers creates a fun game of contrasts where winning is always innovation. It is always creativity. It is always Marco Laganà. For info

Giulia Fucile