Iluut, a trademark of ethical clothing and environmentally sustainable. But not only! Iluut is also a project to raise awareness of sustainability in the apparel industry. Classic and timeless pieces with a fresh and modern touch, details manicured, ironic prints on organic and breathable fabrics.

Iluut is a project born from the passion of three girls: the Finnish Elina, the Italian Silvia and English Vj. After several experiences in major fashion brands the three girls, driven by the common desire to give life to a new fashion conception of, they embark on this venture quite ambitious. After much research, it is all set to achieve sustainable garments environmentally and ethically, with fabrics made in Europe, traceable from seed to finished product, because for Iluut transparency is essential!

A project to zero wastage, scrap in fact will be recycled by the Moroccan women who work in the enterprise, to produce beautiful carpets! The 5% of the amount collected will be donated to, The Illuut project has just started with a crowdfunding campaign, an initiative which will bring to these young girls the first real collection, and set in motion a real change. If you also want to support you this project click HERE.