The elegance and austerity of knit; pure wool yarns dance in contemporary choreographies, beyond the confines of time, a fabric so regal with an opulent history, it is told under new guises, it is told under the name of Arianna Di Maio. Outerwear and mini-dresses are the result of technological experiments and the artisan tradition that flows in the clean and essential lines of the models.

Arianna Di Maio, creative director of the brand that was named after her, despite her young age, boasts aknowledgement and a more than respectable gavetta. The passion for fashion and design has turned into a curiosity, cultivated, for an authentic art such as knitwear. Thus intelligence and a witty imagination have been able to give life to forms with a couture flavor.

In an era guided by the logic of appearance, Arianna Di Maio and her creations emphasize the feeling, the perception, the grasp above all of the quality of the materials used.

A stylistic and expressive glaze, rare in the modernity of our day. The touch, that soft feeling reminiscent of the morning warmth of an April day, a brazen courage to row against disposable trends and a candid humility are intertwined in the hands, those experienced hands marked by time, marked by history, by the tradition.

Soft sculptural silhouettes caress the body, enveloping it. Provocation and ostentation make space for a hidden sensuality; the wool becomes a mantle and the knitted textures tell of a meeting, a render-vous, not to take for granted by any means between the history of a tradition and the vision of a future with unexpected tints.

A continuous exploration awake between exalted gasps and hopeful glances facing tomorrow. With Arianna Di Maio we trace a path of elegance traveled by the contemporary She who does not give herself away, that does not sell herself, a sophisticated She with an exciting smile and a noble look.

To touch with bare hands becomes the soundtrack of this unpublished poem cleverly designed by Arianna Di Maio. Her aesthetic conception and unconventional approach are able to celebrate a formal rigor and at the same time a jaunty soul. The finishes, the fabrics, the techniques used, the three-dimensional patterns, the gray and blue scales as preferential colours... everything surprises and hypnotizes. Sketches come to life and the workmanciples incite a lustful sensory metamorphosis.

Arianna Di Maio tells of a pragmatic fashion, let yourself be struck at first glance or rather, at the first touch. Check out the maison creations.