Artigiani di Sicilia: the wood that makes chic! A new pair of glasses, a new point of view. Wooden. Born from the idea of two Sicilian guys, Santo Strano e Giuliana La Ferla, this emerging brand of glasses creates its own products from the land where it was born.In 2014, Santo and Giuliana launched into an ambitious project that, after years of research, drafts and prototypes, came to a finished product that wins for innovation and sustainability. Artigiani di Sicilia sunglasses, in fact, are made in the province of Catania, on the slopes of Etna, only with precious and sometimes very rare wood.An eclectic style given by the shape but also by the naturalness of the wood and its veins, a feature that makes each eyewear absolutely unique. The original beauty of these extraordinary glasses is kept intact by the use of 100% natural oils, thus guaranteeing a hypoallergenic and eco-sustainable product.Experimentation and research are surely the diktat of this new eyewear brand, which, starting with Sicily and its resources, gave rise to novelty. Recyclable raw materials and strong bonds with the Sicilian territory are evident in the Artigiani di Sicilia creations. Big, small, round, cat-like, geometric, squared ... lots of shapes and frames to choose from! Looking at the world by ... Artisans of Sicily. You can buy Artigiani di Sicilia HERE. For info