Mikro Couture, soft forms, simple cuts, neutral colors define the essence of this young brand. A conceptual aesthetic that liberated women from the constraints and impositions to make way for awareness of their own emotions, their own body.

Clothing made from fabrics poor and rich fabrics, soft colors matched with strong colors, a universe, to Mikro Couture, which enhances the individuality in all its contradictions and its nuances it free from prejudices. And to amplify this concept Mikro Couture back in vogue the ancient custom of "tailor-made" offering the opportunity to have unique items, made by carefully following the lines of the body, emphasizing the needs of each customer.

A craftsmanship and attention to detail that place Mikro Couture creations among the excellence of Made in Italy. Mikro Couture is a project that blooms from the passion of Mirko Frignani, born in 1985 in the province of Reggio Emilia. After attending the course Designer Clothing and Fashion financed by Max Mara, Mirko remains in the group as Assistant Fashion Designer. He then decides to specialize, enrolling at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti where he graduated in Fashion and Textil Design.

The sensitivity of Mirko Frignani emerges from his creations, dresses that caress the body shapes, rigorous in their simplicity, loads of old values. And even for the Spring - Summer 2018 collection, Mikro 's woman continues to choose volumes, fabrics that are alive with contrasts. The silk is mixed with cotton, the details are very well kept. Pearls, rope belts, tassels become accent for a sophisticated allure.

Delicate and graceful prints on extremely comfortable fabrics, muted and soft colors. From maxi dress to kimono, the shapes are avant-garde oversize, pure avant-garde. Oriental minimalism and Western dreamlike representation merge into poetry. Contemporary poetry. Poetry Mikro Couture. You can buy the Mikro Couture creations click HERE. For info www.mikrocouture.com