Sorry I'm Different: the gritty brand of Ilaria Toncelli returns to amaze with new and conceptual collection ... sinful. Yes, because it was the seven deadly sins that inspired the latest clothes of the founder of this young sporty chic brand. And that's not all!Her "different creativity" and entirely made in Italy is preparing to conquer the English capital: from 11 to 13 February Sorry, I'm Different will in fact land in London. Where is it? But at PURE LONDON of course. Research and avant-garde continue to be constant characteristics of the emerging brand that has gone beyond the image and the trend, weaving innovation among the fabrics. Special treatments and nano technologies distinguish the GREED capsule, dedicated to the Avarizia, made of t-shirts, bomber jackets and very particular prints that are linked to the slogan and the YOU ARE YOUR LIMIT project, conceived and presented exclusively at PURE LONDON.Luxurious hand-painted parka, covered with faux fur, as well as shirts with subliminal messages, are the essence of the ENVY line while GLUTTONY is a fantastic explosion of pink, gold and decoration. The luxury and the excess of Lust take shape in LUST between feminine laces, soft sweaters and seductive shorts in eco leather; Laziness is told in SLOTH, with egg coats, precious embroidery, long chiffon skirts but also sweatshirts and baggy-cut trousers.The experimentation continues with ... VANITY, the sin of contemporaneity: in a game of mirrors or better clothes, a different woman is reflected in an exalted beauty between the elegance of the velvet dresses, the care of typical Italian craftsmanship details, the brilliance of purple, Pantone color, protagonist of the next season (and not only!). And to end WRATH, with shapes and effects from the undergroung style, outerwear and jeans with a touch a little 'vintage revisited in perfect modern key. Seven sins of fashion. Seven ways to be different ... Sorry, I'm Different!