Aru Eyewear has the vision of those who know how to assert themselves and experiment without ever getting lost. Each piece reveals the beauty and quality of Made in Italy: the history of Italian eyewear, now renewed with a contemporary design and style.

Aru Eyewear is a young reality that with avant-garde and professionalism has managed to emerge and consolidate in a short time. Creativity, passion, quality of materials and innovative techniques guarantee biocompatible glasses with an incisive style.

 Ninfea light havana style by Aru Eyewear
The models wear Aru Eyewear glasses
green Ixora style sunglasses by Aru Eyewear

Refined creations, able to emerge and be noticed in the chaos of a mass fashion. From maxi shapes to the most essential ones, from curved lines to more geometric models.

Aru Eyewear finds its dimension in evergreen fashion. Far from the routine of trends, the 100% made in Italy brand looks beyond. To a sustainable future, where quality wins over quantity.

"Luxury must be whispered, not shouted."

Avant-garde frames alternate with iconic pieces, inspired by classic and timeless lines. A winning mix that manages to respond to the desires of men and women, who are as attentive to style as to quality.

The collections by Aru Eyewear combine the study of shapes with the search for precious materials and the use of innovative production techniques.

 The Crinum Dark Havana and the Fuchsia eyeglasses models by Aru Eyewear
Hibiscus sunglasses, green frame by Aru Eyewear
brown Ixora  style sunglasses by Aru Eyewear

The raw materials are carefully worked, protagonists of multiple steps: such as the shaping and tumbling phase, performed by means of advanced technologies, or brushing, done strictly by hand, to ensure maximum shine and durability.

No detail is left to chance. The eyewear case does not fail to fulfill its promise of refinement and high quality standards.

Discover Aru Eyewear, its glasses and its history. Choose to stand out from the first glance! Available HERE just a click away. A brand like never before in this case that... don't lose sight of!