Red Passion, Red Fashion! Lacquer, ruby, coral, carmine ... Intense like fire, royal like scarlet or why not, dark like burgundy. In every nuance, red continues to warm our wardrobes with passion and style.

Haute couture and street style, printed and plain, total look and accessories. What can I say, red never gets tired and never tires us. The latest trends love its in cardinal, intense and vibrant version, but its palette is really wide.

An icon of color and style. Valentino has created his own nuance, Vera Wang has signed and dressed the brides with red, Christian Louboutin has made his shoes with red lacquer soles famous all over the world.

Synonymous with personality, sensuality,confidence, red continues to be classified as a must-have. Get inspired by our selection of garments and accessories and experience it in all its shades!


Cindy Red Cherry – Kristina C.

A touch of red, a touch of class! Kristina C.'s handbag is characterized by an elegant and exclusive design. An ideal bag for many occasions and moments of the day.


Twigs Earrings – Lora Nikolova.

Inspired by abstract art, Lora Nikolova's earrings combine a lot of research, craftsmanship and creativity in their red and lightness. Unique pieces that reinterpret the jewel in a fresh and contemporary way.

Bellariva Red - Lungomare. 100% cashmere made in Italy shirt.


Bellariva Red – Lungomare.

Do you love shirts but want something special? Choose the softness of Lungomare cashmere: a shirt with an exclusive and essential design, beautiful in the red color.


Feijoa Red Sunglasses – Aru Eyewear.

An oversized frame and a hint of red that definitely makes you look. The maxi glasses of the 100% made in Italy brand start from the great classics to give shape to new creations. All exclusive and of the highest quality.


S.c. 1200 Red Bag – Eremo.

Shoulder bag, handcrafted, elegant and functional. The shoulder bag signed by Eremo is roomy and easy to combine with different looks. A red bag to choose today and always wear!


Malavoglia Red Sneakers – Luca Berioli.

Always undecided between style and comfort? With the Luca Berioli, you no longer have to choose. In just one model you will find all the functionality of a sneakers and the beauty of a pair of shoes handcrafted in Italy.