Mhudi? Many turbans, one style… Exclusive! Versatile, fun and reversible, Mhudi accessories are transformed without ever losing their artisan identity. In a single turban, two style proposals! With the allure of the divas of the past and the contemporaneity of the women of the present, this accessory relives in a new trend, transformed by the brand into a real must have. An iconic piece like the turban returns with Mhudi to knock on the door of the past, wearing a sophisticated and elegant simplicity. Born in 2013, it "has in its heart and in its head" the intuition and aesthetic sense of designer Francesca Passeri. Always passionate about fashion, after graduating in Architecture and Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano and important work experiences, Francesca decides to create her own brand. In addition to turbans, headbands are also distinguished among her creations, so versatile they can be worn in multiple ways.

Mhudi hats have a truly precious history: they are in fact made with the fabrics that Francesca's paternal grandfather, a travel lover and batik collector, imported from Africa in the 1960s. Untraceable and unrepeatable prints, sewn with the craftsmanship and careful attention to detail of those who know how to think and make unique pieces. Handmade in Italy, they play with textures, prints and colors. Silks, cashmere, velvet, different patterns and tones that light up with contrasts and unusual combinations. Charismatic and refined, they give that extra touch to every look. Casual with jeans, enchanting with maxi dresses, playful with shorts, gritty with avant-garde look, they mix the boundaries of creativity, freeing it.

The designer enjoys experimenting, creating drapery and softness, building textile architectures, choosing high quality materials from cotton to silk. Headbands, turbans, headdresses: with a simple gesture they turn and change, giving you a new allure. A brand with a cosmopolitan spirit and alive with a timeless charm.

What are you waiting for? Express yourself, discover and dress Mhudi!