Bea Bongiasca: fine line between jewelery and art works. Each border is deleted, overtaken by a polyglot ornament. Languages, visions, materials: fused into innovative pieces, into a valuable cosmopolitan aesthetics. Jewel cases full of cultures, scents, winds away for a curious beauty, explorer, hungry for new views. The charm of the East is renewed coming to terms with a Western code enthusiast pop, creating a unique product of its kind and in its well-marked line, indistinguishable result of the young brand Bea Bongiasca.

Born in Milan in 1990, Beatrice Bongiasca she graduated with honors from Central Saint Martins in London in Jewellery Design in 2013, when she returned to Italy to found her brand: Bea Bongiasca. Since her first collection, No rice No Life, launched at the Milan Fashion Week in September 2014 on 10 Corso Como, her international spirit is reflected immediately in the works signed by her: the East arrives soon knocking on her door bringing stimulus and imaginary in inspired jewelry.

After major awards and appreciating evidence, the Bea Bongiasca works are selected from known Antonella Villanova Gallery to expose the particular Happy Go Cola Collection, an antidote to a pressing reality and an escape route towards a much sought lightheartedness: pieces kawaii, adorable playful explosions flowers in perfect manga style.

Winner of the Young Enterprise Award-Believing in the Future in the jewelry category, contest organized by the Foundation Altagamma in collaboration with L’Uomo Vogue, Borsa Italiana, Maserati, SDA, Bocconi and dedicated to the promotion of young Italian companies in the cultural and creative industry, Bea Bongiasca continues to give vent to her irrepressibly vibrant flair with the collection a Golden Lesson.

Interculture is a benchmark also this time, though talking in code here. Game of silence, ideograms, stylization. The art of calligraphy is combined with an elegant linearity: yellow gold and rhodium, bright gemstones, colored on earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets on the specific basic and significant character. In each jewel, hidden, an english phrase, solution of the figurative enigma. Bea Bongiasca? When one plus one makes two. Unpredictable jewelry. Above, outside the lines. For info

Giulia Fucile