Thistle: when the detail makes the difference. A small but decisive accent, a detail that just makes us unique and impeccable. Confident of our style. Explosions of colors and sophisticated patterns combined and shared in the preferred bow of the dandy. From the elegance of Oscar Wilde to the eccentricity of D'Annunzio, to contemporary bowtie made of alluminio by Thistle. So fashion reaches more unusual meanders, surprising and just waiting to be found, intelligent, formed into sophisticated creations.

The product designer Diego Guidi had the power of intuition, the talent to discover, to see beyond an apparent immobility. Degree in industrial design at the University of Venice, he chooses the oxidized aluminum as a unique feature of the avant-garde Thistle brand. So the softness, gentle linearity of a bow tie meets the rigidity of a cold element, ice, industrial, merging with it in an exceptionally Made in Italy marriage. To emphasize the handmade character and a vibrant, opposed essence done so in tradition but at the same time of innovation, is the choice of a central node in calf leather, treated handcrafted by an experienced company in the field in Pesaro.

Nothing is left to chance, every detail studied: the hooks used for closing are redesigned ad hoc and then reproduced in aluminum, rubber bands and decor are hand sewn by Italian tailors. And that's not all because Thistle thinks about everything, accompanying each of its products with creative energy. In fact, the papillon become exponentially more, jewelery, necklaces unexpected, thus becoming the metal wires pendants. In the Fall - Winter 2016-17 is the jersey the star, the coat chosen for bow ties and more. Textures, playful twists, recalls a sweet softness.

The aluminum here is hiding under then tangled balls of wool processed in creative fantasies cold-proof. Typical mountain sweaters are the start, the inspiration for trendy accessories. And even the bags do not evade this new, attractive trend, where warm textures are mixed with leather folder or the inevitable cold and industrial look of the metal handle of the shopper. Thistle? Small detail, great style. For info

Giulia Fucile