Passing on the heritage of the culture and professionalism of the textile industry is what the post-university course conceived by Luciano Barbera concentrates on. Now in its twenty-eighth edition, the Biella Master of Noble Fibers is preparing to conclude its preliminary phase, for October 19, in fact, is set the date by which interested parties will be able to send their candidacies.

Born in 1986, the course invests in young people to preserve the Italian textile tradition, while promoting a sustainable Made in Italy.

Mani di un artigiano

The master, coordinated by the engineer Giovanni Schiapparelli, stands out vigorously from other academic realities thanks to the attentive ability to grasp the needs of the industry and bringing them closer to young personalities to be trained following the entrepreneurial and managerial values that distinguish the Biella companies.

“Companies as art workshops”, this is the peculiar and original primary idea that gives life to an innovative look at the textile industry.

The training course, lasting thirteen months, is the result of the combination of a theoretical preparation and multiple direct experiences that students will have the opportunity to live with the partner companies. Combing, dyeing, carded and combed spinning, textile design, weaving, finishing, cutting, packaging, knitting and distribution are the different departments in which the members will test their skills, as well as the different stages of the supply chain. The training therefore has a tangible and effective approach to preserving the legacy of Made in Italy textiles. Experiences in international contexts such as New Zealand, Australia, China, USA, Peru and Japan are also encouraged.

“Knowing a multiplicity of realities, going deep into individual processes but at the same time understanding how fundamental they are to each other, learning to dialogue with the language of all the actors that characterize the system and developing reading keys to identify first and resolve problems then, in an innovative way, is OUR MISSION”.

The selection foresees a first screening for the identification of the candidates who will be able to participate in the preparatory course, and a further phase that will lead to the allocation of scholarships worth 6000 euros.

Saturday 9 November, at Palazzo Gromo Losa, there will be a special event organized by the Alumni association of the master that will host interventions on sustainability and will give the opportunity to those interested to have a close encounter with the reality of the Biella Master delle Fibre Nobili .