The young talent of Italian fashion Daniele Carlotta signs the Motivi Smart Couture collection. The charm and royalty of high fashion become accessible.

Following the previous editions, the Motivi brand has written a new chapter in the Smart Couture project, bringing the emerging design of Daniele Carlotta into the spotlight this time. To wrap yourself in fine clothes and accessories to live a glamorous dream at affordable prices, this is the mission. The brand through the collection emphasizes and privileges the emotion and enthusiasm that are hidden in every drapery, ornament or print.

Motivi's look by Daniele Carlotta: the models wear creations from the capsule collection with irregular red heart prints.
Motivi's look by Daniele Carlotta: the model wears a blazer dress completely embroidered with silver sequins

"Looking with the heart" preaches Furio Visentin, Brand Director of Motivi, who describes this project with verve. Smart Couture represents an evolutionary path but above all an innovative and unprecedented approach to high fashion; to create a collection that captures only the beauty from haute couture and propose it in a smart way to careful consumers "because all women must have the opportunity to feel beautiful, seductive, unique, without spending a fortune".

Daniele Carlotta, a rising star who already enjoys esteem from his predecessors in the industry, is the designer chosen in collaboration with Vogue Talents to give body to this new aesthetic identity moved by Motivi. The Sicilian stylist, but now adopted by New York, finds as a matter of fact inspiration from the American nightlife that characterized the eighties with his irreverent pomp but with a glamorous taste.

Motivi's looks by Daniele Carlotta: 5 models wear different creations of the capsule collection.
Motivi's looks by Daniele Carlotta: 3 models wear different creations of the capsule collection.

Twenty-four garments and eight ultra-feminine accessories make up the Smart Couture capsule collection. The soul of Diana Ross and Cher, undisputed muses, as well as Andy Warhol's shots and much more, shine bright and come alive through the personal interpretation of Daniele Carlotta. The designer is armed with pleated tulle, sablé with a rough hand, emerald settings, crystal on a gold base, radzemire and a wide variety of exclusive materials for quality and refinement. With his touch, Motivi's enterprising and fresh spirit translates into soft and contemporary silhouettes. Volumes and flounces tell the story of a determined woman, in her career, who likes to be liked, sensual but romantic, as designed by the hand of Daniele Carlotta. Fluffy sleeves, mini dresses, one-shoulder tops, polka dots, prints of abstract red hearts and embroidered sequin fabrics ... All of this (and not only!) From October 15th available in selected Motivi stores and on the online shop.