Bijouets presents new jewelry 3D print Sonata Barocca: precious charms, ornamental whims for a romantic femininity, as bucolic as at vanguard. No stones, gold, silver or diamonds but parure of innovative, digital sculpting. Their intrinsic brilliance was taken up and enhanced, so as to be exposed to Mad About Jewelry, at the Museum of Art and Design in New York, from 11 to 16 April at the Loot 2016, the prestigious annual event where you see only fifty artists selected worldwide.

Creator of this new way of understanding the jewelry is D’Arc. Studio, an acronym for Desperate Architects Rome City, associated study of architects Rosa Topputo and Alessio Tommasetti,connoisseurs of architecture ranging and redraws the boundaries of its applicability daily. Both graduated from La Sapienza University of Rome in 2003, they have among their collaborations big names like Coca Cola , Toyota, Marlboro. Theirs is a philosophy that feeds on high experiments, digital streams, current ideas, thanks to an open-minded oxygenated by all members of the firm.

Already conquerors of fashion territory with the presentation of glasses Cambiami, they venture now in an area not yet explored by them, the land of jewelry. The Sonata Barocca collection by Bijouets is inspired precisely to Baroque of Lecce. Renaissance classic lines are renewed of opulence, excit ing surrealism. All this carried and thrown into a present high tech: historical, artistic reminiscences are dyed and dip of digitizing. In the production of the jewels in 3D print Sonata Barocca involving both modeling software that prints in 3D. The technological characteristics are multiplied at nth power, at maximum performance.

As in the eponymous musical structure the Jewels of Bijouets, Sonata Barocca, are divided into four capsule collection: Preludio, Fantasia, Aria, Sarabanda. Gardens in bloom, entwined peach-colored necklaces, flowers in the arms in acid green characterize the first scene, Preludio, where digital magnificence stumbles into a past indelible in the memory of the beauty of the rose window Lecce cathedral. Black roses bloom and adorn lobes in all their fascinating wonder. Groups of butterflies alight on leaves, branches of necklaces Aria, waiting for a new flight, a new sky. Iconographic lightness of a precious jewel in his creative process. commingling past and present for an ornamental, revolutionary future. For info

Giulia Fucile