Pokemaoke: unique, handmade shoes made in Italy to fit an idea, a philosophy conceived and projected towards the uniqueness. Slender steps harmoniously dance on the stage of creativity. Soft leather, nest of delicious applications carefully sewn by hand.

Shoes for lovers of beauty in all its parts, interpreted in their whims and desires by the skill of the two founders of this exceptional brand: Giulia Simoncelli, graduated in design, and strongly predisposed to the dexterity and rediscovered handmade universe; Jessica Piantoni, specializes in the textile and footwear sector, the most representative of the entrepreneurial aspect of this soul so successful and special for its complementary entirety. Slices of the same apple. Pokemaoke born as a joke, as a story of a dream so special that inexplicably becomes reality. In 2010, in fact, in a small workshop in Foligno, start taking life a project destined to land far away, soon seducing stringent sector experts and gaining soon the most fashionable wardrobe.

At first Giulia and Jessica, they decide to send to the Prêt à Porter Paris fair, some ballerinas jewel, simple in structure, yet refined and new in the selection of the inserts and decorations. The popularity is just the beginning of their expansive career. Germany, France, China, Japan, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, the United States and of course Italy: large territories and scattered, all marked indelibly by the irrepressible imagination of Pokemaoke. From the initial ballerinas, workhorse of this young, vibrant brand, the focus has also shifted to other forms, thus forging slip-on, sneakers, oxfords, derbies. In each shoe is visible diligence and simple genuine everyday life that reigns peaceful in the atelier in via IV Novembre in Foligno, in the green heart of Umbria. Right solution for those who want to emphasize their personality, to really feel unique, but not giving up the romantic.

Redundant camellias bloom on derby in black paint or powder pink. Excelled intertwining of genres and contrasts: the femininity of the flower meets the rigor of a traditionally male shoe. Funny dressed sneakers and decked to the nines, showing off for the occasion an elegant frak complete with a bow tie. Autoironic style. Corks decorate linear ballerinas, ambassadors of a totally original recycling. Slip-on glitter speak of love, with divided hearts but later found in their spectacular union, underlined in the important written Love. Buttons, beads, ribbons dominate on sneakers. Disparate objects forgotten in closets, suitcases of discovered heirlooms. Scars of the past, now open searing of a current, revised present. Small steps, small signs. Large, alternatives, unforgettable footsteps. For info http://www.pokemaoke.com/

Giulia Fucile