GMG: lively and read handbags, colorful pieces to collect and mix the most different looks. Trend during the day and extravagantly stylish for the evening. Little touches, sophisticated details to never go unnoticed. With style. From head to the bag. Born in 2012, GMG, which stands for Ghingi Mingi Goi, is the seed planted and lovingly washed down by Goi Primo, now fashion brands noteworthy, desired fruit Made in Italy. Fascinating aspect of ethno-chic, GMG is tinged with warm tones, earth, but also the ocean, of disparate aesthetic and symbolic character, geographically and mentally distant but so well mixed and varied in its multicultural products.

Fairy tales from the Arabian Nights. In her creations, from earrings with ancient Indian trimmings and crystal to the finest silk or cashmere scarves, last capsules made of elaborate clutch, it snatches her past, her experience. Goi Primo, daughter of Eritrean father and Lombard mother, since childhood furtively observes the travel and the work done by her parents, researchers of accessories, antique fabrics, modern from around the world. Asia, Africa, America: background, map of the world of ideas, images, inspiration to capture and interpret.

Nothing for her is unknown, or must remain so. The curiosity and willingness to knowledge characterize the essence of his subjects, all designed and produced in Italy, structured on clean lines, contemporary, aptly mixed with ethnicity of its contents. Flanked by a women-only team in the city of Milan, Goi Primo devotes all herself to the creation of impeccable quality accessories. For Spring - Summer 2016, alongside the already established resin jewelry, glass, crystal, she proposes a selected capsule of colored handmade bags available in both hard tissue and raffia.

The nature of the fiber, raffia, is palpable in the clutch line with pom poms. Acid green meets formal pink fantasy, black, orange, lined with small decorations which open in more central degrees tassels. Tangible East. Visions of the Caribbean beaches in the clutch turquoise, union of different ethnic handsomely elements, enclosed in more western, minimalist silvery lines. Circular designs of yellow stones, blue, burgundy, white are engulfed by an optical vortex. Precious decorations of rigid clutch with metallic profiles, where the craftsmanship and the manual is so strong, impact, to hit at one glance. The GMG creations are a stimulating continuously learn, constant love the diversity, an energetic, solar melting pot. For info

Giulia Fucile