You write blazer, you read fashion: the history of this iconic garment, which for generations has dictated style and trend, has its roots in the past. It was 1837 when Captain HMS Blazer ordered his crew to wear the blue double-breasted jacket with golden buttons on the occasion of Queen Victoria's visit. And from there... long live the blazer!

Yes, because over the years this garment, initially thought only for the male wardrobe, has been worn by more and more men and women. In the 1920s, with the great Coco Chanel, the blazer became a symbol of female emancipation: the very famous designer proposes a fashion free from corsets and constrictions, in the name of a comfortable, elegant and at times androgynous style.

The blazer, typically military, with large pockets, flaps and buttons, has been revolutionized over the decades by the flair and creativity of great designers who, with vision and innovation, propose it for the women's wardrobe: just think of the revolutionary Yves Saint Laurent, when in 1966 he presented Le Smoking wearing a suit consisting of blazer and trousers.


It was the end of the 1970s when Giorgio Armani completely dismantled, remodeled and deconstructed the jacket: by eliminating linings and padding and studying new proportions, Armani created the iconic garment that still remains the protagonist of our wardrobes today. A relaxed elegance, a smart casual that reflects the needs of a woman in search of glamor and comfort at the same time.

To make the blazer one of the most popular must-haves is certainly its versatility: perfect to complete any combination, from the most casual to the most chic, it is also used in mid-seasons as an outerwear. And what better season than the one that is about to begin? Read on and find out how to create some looks based on… blazers! 

Blazer + t-shirt + jeans

Slim fit and skinny or flare and in a '70s mood, the choice is yours: with jeans, tight or wide, the blazer always looks good. A long-lasting couple is true, but like a great love it never ceases to fascinate us. Perfect for leisure and for the weekend, the blazer + t-shirt + jeans look can be completed with different accessories depending on the moments and the mood. If the jeans are slim, cigarette or mum-fit, combine them with loafers or, if you want a nice heel, with a timeless pumps: complete it all with a mix of necklaces and a shoulder bag. With flared jeans, opt instead for a bucket bag or a satchel-style bag, a pair of ankle boots with heels and a nice foulard tied like a bandana or a colorful and patterned turbate. For a tres chic match!


Blazer + pants suit

Among the hottest trends there are certainly the coordinated and… colored sets. From green to purple, from blue to camel, from black to petrol, the colors and suits are many and much loved. Prefer a neutral color for work, have fun combining accessories in a contrasting nuance such as blue with camel. Instead, opt for bold colors for the weekend and for special dates. Combine slingbacks or classic pumps for elegant appointments, make the look casual chic with a pair of sneakers in your free time or for more informal appointments.

Blazer + dresses / skirts

The blazer can also be worn with skirts and dresses. In this case we must be careful with volumes and lengths: combine a soft jacket with tighter dresses such as sheath dresses or pencil skirts, opt for tight and slimmer blazers with wide, pleated or skirts / dresses with flounces. For daytime looks, combine elegant and minimal handbags, to be replaced with a clutch or crossbody bag for the evening; while for shoes green light to femininity with pumps, ankle boots, boots.


Latest tips? When the first cold weather arrives, replace bodysuits, blouses, t-shirts and shirts with one of the most chic must-haves ever: the turtleneck sweater. A sophisticated garment that in combination with the blazer will be perfect. While for accessories you can have fun giving a new touch of style to your look by wearing a belt on your blazer: it will make your waist stand out. 

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