The choker is one of the must-have pieces of our jewelry box. Its line so tight and narrow at the neck makes this necklace famous also with the name of collar.

Although we see it around the neck of many, including divas and influencers, the fashion of wearing the choker was not born today. In fact, it dates back to the eighteenth century and was born with a very specific meaning: French women wore red laces around their necks in memory of their loved ones killed with the guillotine.


The protagonist of works of art such as the famous Olympia painting by Édouard Manet, where the completely naked woman on an unmade bed is portrayed with a velvet choker around her neck with a drop-shaped pearl, or the ballerinas of the great Degas, this iconic necklace lives on for centuries and generations, loved even by princesses such as the wonderful Lady D.

The 90s are certainly the golden years of the choker: no longer just a precious jewel, it becomes an inevitable accessory on the neck of many teenagers in its trendy and low-cost version, a black plastic necklace similar to a small net.
And now, back among the must-haves of the jewelry box, the choker is re-proposed in different shapes and materials, in fabric, with pearls, stones, diamonds, more or less precious metals.


Iconic and with a retro charm in the thin velvet versions, chic and contemporary made in gold, bronze or silver, refined and trendy in its metallic chain version.If you want something more rigid and exclusive you can opt for the thin metal choker combined with a large pendant while if you prefer a more sensual mood choker choose leather, modeled in maxi shapes and well-fitting around the neck.

So are you ready to wear a really special choker? Choose your choker from our made in Italy creations and make your looks unique!