Simone Tessadori's new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection communicates emotion. It is emotion. The designer, namesake and founder of the brand, with Vanitas/Mr (name of the collection) wanted to go deep into the emotions of each of us, "speaking directly to the heart through the aid of the senses".

Everything, from the largest to the smallest detail, is designed to communicate the Vanitas, the pleasure of vanity. From the choice of materials to that of the palette, from the study of shapes to wearability: the new Fall/ Winter collection by Simone Tessadori is a confirmation, indeed reconfirmation, of the evolution of the brand.


A growth that sees the Italian label promote an increasingly personal style, more and more distinctive and more and more exclusive. Since 2016, the year the brand was founded, Simone Tessadori has managed to emerge and affirm his identity.

The woman who inspires and dresses Vanitas/Mr has a natural, innate elegance: as in previous collections, grace and authenticity win over construction and artificiality. The keystone of her collections is certainly the great strength of being able to offer unique but at the same time really easy to wear garments, from dailywear to the most special events.

A complete wardrobe that researches fine fabrics and materials, studies chic and comfortable silhouettes and fittings, is characterized by the great manufacturing excellence of Made in Italy. The design and production of each creation are made entirely by hand in Italy.

The great classics of fashion are reinterpreted in a collection so contemporary and so fascinating. Starting with the iconic Audrey trench coat, with contrasting lapels and details on the sleeves, made of a special cotton, internally lined and rainproof, up to the beautiful Debora coat in extra-fine wool tartan with brocade details.


The selection of dresses meets the needs of every woman: from the femininity of the dressing gown to the romanticism of the midi dress with bustier to the sparkling Marilyn sheath dress. But not only that… from skirts to trousers, from knitwear to blouses, Simone Tessadori has once again hit the mark. Of beauty, elegance, uniqueness.

Discover Vanitas/Mr now: the new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection by Simone Tessadori.