From bikers to great Seventies-inspired classics, boots have a very special place in our Fall looks. It will be because of their versatility, because they are so comfortable but at the same time glamorous, it will be that they combine with mini dresses as with more casual looks, that we just can't help but wear boots. But which models to focus on?


If you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear on several occasions, we recommend that you choose one of the classics par excellence: the Seventies-inspired boots. They come just below the knee, have a wide heel and are beautiful especially in warmer colors such as chocolate, leather and cream. Synonymous with style, class and timeless elegance, you can wear them for example with a layering look like a pencil skirt with soft lines combined with a turtleneck and overlaid by a maxi cardigan. But not only that: you can combine them with romantic mini and midi dresses creating a stylish game of contrasts or jeans with both slim fit and wide cuts by wearing them underneath.

Among the evergreen boots, the ankle boots are confirmed: with tapered, round or square toe, with high, low or very low heel, they are among the most popular boots of all time. Because? Because they are the right compromise between the most casual shoe and the most elegant one. Match them with your office looks: mix them with cigarette pants, jeans, soft midi skirts.


But if you prefer extra long lengths, the boots that are right for you are certainly cuissards. Very long, tight-fitting, in nappa or suede, black or colored, you can combine them with mini lengths or make them disappear under clothes: what can I say ... a real must!

The models to (an) note do not end there: among the great returns there are the Texans. Both in boot and ankle boot form, they are among the most comfortable: beautiful in warmer tones such as beige, caramel but also brown, whiskey, white or black. Still undecided? Run now to discover the made in Italy boots made by emerging designers and niche brands: exclusive pieces that never go out of fashion.