The Chiara Perrot clothing brand presents Have Fun, its new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection. An explosion of color and movement, garments designed to be worn every day by a woman who seeks style, quality and comfort at the same time.

Love, music, life, art, dance: Have Fun is a mix and match of strength, color, movement, enthusiasm and personality. A wardrobe marked by iconic looks, by passe-partout redesigned and reinterpreted by the vision and style of Chiara Perrot, founder in 2012 of the homonymous brand.

More than trendy, beyond the trend, the fashion of the made in Italy brand embraces a timeless elegance: a balance of silhouettes, colors and high-end fabrics.


In the Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection the color palette is bright and alive with contrasts: fuchsia, chestnut, light blue, electric blue but also exclusive prints with floral patterns.

Designed for a feminine woman, avant-garde and attentive to style, this collection confirms the brand's talent in revisiting the great classics in a new and contemporary way. Evergreen garments to be used season after season: from the oversized 100% wool suit to the maxi mohair sweater, from the printed mikado jacket to cocktail dresses for the most elegant appointments.

Exclusive pieces made following clean cuts and lines but paying great attention to detail and preferring high quality processing techniques. The new Have Fun collection adds a chapter to the history of a brand that focuses on the exclusivity of the product and its uniqueness, on an attractive design, on the quality of the fabrics and on excellent manufacturing, an expression of local savoir faire. The brand is in fact based in Naples, a land of great sartorial tradition.

What are you waiting for? Discover now all the garments of the new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection by Chiara Perrot and immediately update your wardrobe by choosing exclusive must-haves all made in Italy.