Le Chaperon: this is the name of the women's clothing brand created by the Roman designer Beatrice Ferrucci. Not a simple name, not a simple brand but a story of style, design and creativity that features hoods and capes made in Italy. And not only.

But let's take a step back, rewinding the tape of the history and life of the designer and founder of Le Chaperon. Beatrice Ferrucci grew up between fashion and creativity from an early age, in her mother's atelier, where she already "stole with her eyes" (and with her heart) the art of a craft destined years later to become her.

It is in fact 2014 when Beatrice decides to launch her brand: Le Chaperon was born during a trip to Morocco, from a strong inspiration, she had walking through the colorful souks with her uncle, an expert in fabrics, who moved to North Africa after a lifetime moved to her atelier in Paris.


The research, the fabrics, the colors, the quality, the beauty of garments so functional in the shapes and precious in the materials and details: the stylist code of Le Chaperon can be clearly read among its handcrafted products that find their added value in the exclusivity. A true made in Italy, alive with tailoring, art, tradition and lots and lots of quality.

The leitmotif of the Le Chaperon collections are the Chaperons, or capes and hoods: iconic garments that have made the history of fashion and that are now reinterpreted by the brand in a contemporary way. In addition to their design and style, the collections are created without ever losing sight of the functionality and wearability of the garment. Limited series creations, which dress the woman with class and elegance, offering the right compromise between shawl and headdress.

The protagonists of the Le Chaperon collections are undoubtedly the fabrics, the colorful colors, the trimmings, the buttons: from velvet to funk silk to wool, cotton and technical fabrics, the collections of Le Chaperon reinterpret an ancient garment with a new mood, elegant, sensual and in step with the times.

But the creative force of the brand did not stop and in 2021 a new line was added to its must-haves: Le Chaperon Padel. A sportswear dedicated to a sporty woman who takes the field with style: leggings, shorts, functional and beautiful t-shirts at the same time. Discover now the collections by Le Chaperon: exclusive garments for a woman who dresses style every day.