Feminine, romantic, elegant and very comfortable: the Florentine handcrafted shoes signed by the Valentina Rangoni brand are the shoes that every woman can and wants to wear every day. Different models that collection after collection fill women's shoe racks with style, personality and a lot of quality. All and only Italian.

The two young Rangoni sisters, Valentina and Carolina, have combined the almost century-old family footwear tradition with their inspiration, their talent and their contemporary taste. The brand is a step forward: the two founding sisters have in fact treasured their family history and their Florentine roots, placing craftsmanship at the center of their product.
From the scrupulous and careful selection of Italian leathers to craftsmanship and quality manufacturing, the shoes by Valentina Rangoni enclose comfort, elegance, design and wearability.


Created by women for women, the Rangoni sisters set themselves the mission to create not only beautiful shoes but shoes in which to be and feel at ease, well. A mission more than accomplished and that season after season offers ideal footwear to wear to face everyday life with determination.

And also the new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection dresses the feet of modern, cosmopolitan, style-conscious women who are looking for shoes to wear for a long time. Comfort and durability are combined with the sensuality, colors and design of exclusive and handcrafted creations.

Empire state of mind, name of the new Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection by Valentina Rangoni, is a tribute to the City that never sleeps as well as an invitation to enjoy the beauty of life. Bright glittery pumps, long over-the-knee boots and leather cuts reminiscent of the skyscrapers of the Big Apple, bold colors, loafers with and without heels, maxi combat boots.

Strong and decisive like the women who wear them and will wear them, the brand new creations by Valentina Rangoni continue to follow a path and a completely unique and exclusive style. Discover now the Valentina Rangoni brand and its brand new Fall/Winter 2022-33 Empire State of Mind collection.