Gold or silver? If you too, when you open your jewelry box, do not know whether to choose gold or combine your looks with silver, this post is absolutely not to be missed.

Both gold and silver have always been two great protagonists of jewelry (and not only). It is important to say that, in addition to being metals, gold and silver are also colors: many jewels in the contemporary collections are gold-colored but not gold as a metal.

Beloved both or not, they divide tastes and jewels into two main categories. Both are in vogue: yes, because both gold and silver surpass seasonal trends by illuminating the most precious accessories with their timeless style and color.


In fact, brands often offer both golden and silver jewels in the same seasons and collections: to be worn alone or even mixed together, with style and personality.

But if there are more and more times when you are undecided about which jewel to wear, a tip that you can follow is certainly to identify your colors, understand what with your undertone and your complexion stands out better. A small rule that can solve many looks by enhancing your colors and making you brighter. In fact, gold and silver correspond to two different palettes: gold with warm tones, silver with cold ones.


If you have a complexion with cold undertones, focus on silver: it will immediately illuminate your face and your looks, always preferable in a cold tone with shades ranging from purple, to blue, to light blue and pastel.

If, on the other hand, your colors are warm, you prefer gold. To be combined with bright looks like white, beige, but also darker like brown or intense like orange.

So, are you ready to shine? Whether you love gold or silver, run now to discover the exclusive and handcrafted jewels of the new made in Italy brands and make your jewelry box even more precious!