Bougeotte : want to Wander. This is the translation of a word holder of a deeper reality, a brand that has bee as its distinctive symbol. And it is Italy and his skill in exclusive processes, the flower chosen precisely by the queen par excellence.

Fayna Fridman, a Russian designer and mother of bougeotte brand, found in the Made in Italy and Italian laboratories the basis for the production of its creations, from clothing to accessories. Fascinated by the art and history that is breathed in every corner of this peninsula, the young Fayna here gives free rein to her creativity. Fine and impeccable processing materials are daily bread for this brand, innovative as traditional, born in 2013.

The aesthetic mixes a comfort function, never devoid of elegance. Silks, cashmere, exotic skins, rich fabrics coexist in collections designed for a demanding public, eager to rediscover the pleasure of luxury, new. For the Fall-Winter 2016-17 the bags are rigid, the small clutch the briefcase, ostrich or crocodile, finished in titanium.

The unquestionable prestige of the elements is the link between the accessories and clothing capsule, where kimonos, dresses and cashmere garments alternating with complete shearling or suede, mink pieces or jackets with inserts in major leather, such as crocodile. Bougeotte. In essence the secret: the raw material, research and unparalleled craftsmanship Made in Italy. For info

Giulia Fucile