Co.Ro Jewels , jewelry such as dimension, exploring a precious space. The rationality of the lines blends the classical tradition by designing small but real wearable architectures, manifesto of artistic inspirations reworked by the inspiration of the creative duo Costanza De Cecco and Giulia Giannini.

Graduates from Architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome and at the same time formed at the Accademia di Moda e Costume with a course in Jewellery Design, maintain active both their passions coming to the perfect ending: to create a brand capable of synthesizing in its products throughout the love for jewelry, vivid as that for architecture.

In smaller scale, Costanza and Giulia design forms, working in a craft context as a goldsmith's workshop, advanced as a design studio. Two friends, two voices, one chorus ... indeed Co.Ro Jewels. Also in the name of another meaning, deeper: a tribute to a place, the gymnasium at Piazza del Collegio Romano, that united them since they were very young starting right from their dreams.

The careful attention to detail is preceded by a constant search of the best metals, supervised by a trained eye to designing volumes and proportions of the two designers and a high-quality workmanship. The Mediterranean Trasita Tower, the Roman Palace of Italian Civilization, the minimalist elegance of Japanese culture ... all at your finger tips.

An engaging repetition of triangles gets hold of the neck space, three-dimensional prisms, while the starry heavens are preparing to live in the lobes of the ears, enriched as well from his face tribute to neoclassicism visionary architect Etienne-Louis Boullée. The emptiness becomes material in the cuff Wire, there is riot of color instead in Rosone, reference to the stained glass windows of Gothic cathedrals. Behind every Co.Ro Jewels its history, its roots, its why. Pieces of the world, exemplary monuments, uncontrollable fantasies: Co.Ro Jewels . For info

Giulia Fucile