"Cambiami" is the young brand of glasses personalized with exchangeable for every day the opportunity to express our mood with sunglasses convertible, always different. A range of accessories applicable on the basic frame round, discreet and elegant, with tinted lenses, for an accessory that becomes ironic and innovative.

"Cambiami" is the line of glasses designed by Studio D'Arc (Desperate Architects Rome City), a design and architecture studio founded in Rome in 2007 by Rosa Topputo and Alessio Tommasetti, in collaboration with Valentina De Santis. Glasses totally Made in Italy made with 3D printing technology, customized and without screws, which combine advanced technology with a very wide possibilities for customization.

As Rosa Topputo says : "By maintaining a fixed base frame and its lenses, we designed the accessory elements that fit easily on the frame. The result is a pair of glasses that within seconds can go from a minimal design to an eccentric with a low economic cost, because both lenses that mount base remain the same. "

All accessories are inspired by some of the beauties that have characterized and characterize the Italian nation and accessories give charisma to these amazing sunglasses that will be made by our exuberance and our creativity:

  • Burano is a series of designs inspired by the embroidery and lace of the island of Venice of the same name, a tribute to the ancient techniques in a modern key.
  • Rosae is a series inspired by the Roman spring, the nature and the beauty of a flower that symbolizes love, vanity, sensuality.
  • Ratio is a series that combines geometric shapes, a circle and a square blend in a clear reference to Italian rationalist .
  • Depero is a series inspired futuristic abstraction of Fortunato Depero artist and all the Futurist movement, between avant-garde and innovation.

Sunglasses "Cambiami" represent the evolution of fashion in response to the growing desire to have a unique, customizable, a product that allows us to free ourselves from the classical schemes and daring, with humor and originality, each day wearing different glasses made with combinations of colors and shapes are always new. And you're ready to change? For info http://darcstudio.net/