Klamir is the combination of ancient and fascinating traditions that come together in an original way with contemporary insights. Mirella Foffano, creator of the brand, is a young designer born and raised in Venice. His artistic nature, expressed early in the design, then the sculpture, found its peak with the production, typical of the place, the Murano glass, removed from the classical style through the juxtaposition of unusual materials and improbable.

The material perception of these jewels is created by an attraction of opposites where the softness of PVC appears to protect the solid fragility of glass. Exclusive creations, entirely handmade and with materials rigorously Made in Italy, which become "wearable art". Explicit is the inspiration and influence of the city of Venice, with the beauty and magic of this Italian city, with the changing colors and oriental atmosphere.

The Klamir jewelry impose themselves, gracefully, becoming the key element of an outfit. Between games of color gradation and pvc strip are embedded spheres blown Murano glass beads and transparent borosilicate glass, weaving intriguing plots of uniqueness.

Mirella Foffano says: "Klamir is modern but is inspired by the past, it is steeped in classic shapes but leans to the contemporary. I believe that a jewel Klamir represents the style of Klamir: a style that I like to think retro future."

Sophisticated jewelry for a woman of strong character, precious details that create the style. Klamir, as the city in which these creations are born, is a rare gem of fascinating beauty and Italian excellence. For info www.klamir.com