Gianluca Soldi, shoes made with innate passion and unbridled creativity, small works of contemporary art able to give boldness and sophisticated sensuality to those who wear them. Contrast of materials and colors, accuracy of detail and entirely Italian production for shoes of absolute value.

Gianluca Soldi after artistic studies and a master in Fashion Design at Polimoda in Florence, he has collaborated with great names of Italian fashion such as Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Versace, maturing important experiences and enriching technical and stylistic knowledge. In 2012 he decides to give his talent free, launching the brand of shoes wearing his name.

The shoes by Gianluca Soldi, outlined by graphs and geometric wraps, glossy materials blended with opaque materials, decently contrasted colors, are well represented by the Italian footwear tradition combined with a contemporary extravaganza.

A decidedly urban style inspired by an elegant and refined woman who loves to wear sophistication. For info